Innovation & Strategy

Michael Jacobsen advises large corporations, governments and their leaders on innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, leadership, marketing, peak performance and strategy.

Corporations and governments often speak a different ‘language’ to entrepreneurialism.

Whilst most corporations were originally built by an entrepreneur and often have almost unlimited budgets and massive teams to implement innovation, the culture necessary to facilitate innovation is often lost as the company grows bigger.

Innovation is not only the latest buzzword, it is the very bedrock on which a company needs to be built and to grow. Innovation is ongoing. Innovation must be forward looking. Innovation must be a culture that permeates the entire organisation.

Many corporates failed in their quest to innovate including: Kodak, MySpace, Yahoo, Polaroid, Toys ‘r Us and Nokia. It happens to the best. The leaders. The household names. The companies we never think will fail. We hope that none of today’s household names ever fail but there are no guarantees. The best solution is to not just have an innovation strategy but for the organisation to embody the very ethos it.

Society cannot afford for large corporations to fail. They don’t just belong to their shareholders, they are in some ways owned by all of us – they employ people, we all use their services and they are part of our everyday lives.

It is not just Start Ups at risk of failure – every large corporation is one piece of technology or one instance of lazy or ‘market-leader; thinking, away from failure or missed opportunities.

Technology and the ever changing and disrupted business landscape has put large corporates at a greater risk than ever and has democratised the search for customers solutions, enabling small start-ups to win this race time and time again.

Put in the positive, Michael believes that corporations and governments, be they non-innovators or organisations with an existing successful strategy, can achieve significantly more if they take the next step and implement some entrepreneurial spirit to super-charge their innovation.

Michael’s training programmes are tailored to the specific organisation and circumstances and address innovation and sees him work with the team (which often includes the senior leadership team) to brainstorm, devise or refine strategies or simply to understand the current innovation landscape and the ecosystem of the start-up world.

The programmes also introduce the concept (where it is appropriate), of innovation laboratories and partnering, working with or acquiring stare ups with the requisite knowledge to supercharge the organisations innovative capacity-and then works with the corporations and governments to implement these strategies.

Michael also conducts High-Performance Executive coaching for a limited number of CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Applying 20 years business experience and a wealth of contacts, the emphasis is both on acting as a ‘sounding board’, tangible advice and practical assistance (including with any appropriate partnerships).

The focus is on business and personal achievement and whilst many such engagements are annual, the emphasis is always on speed and tangible results-based on what the Executive or Entrepreneur wishes to achieve.