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This e-book has incredible content with proven strategies of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, VC’s and business leaders- all born from one-on-one interviews with Michael.

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About Michael Jacobsen

Michael Jacobsen is an Entrepreneur, Author, keynote speaker and High Performance Business Coach to Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Business Leaders.

Michael is active as an entrepreneur in entertainment & leisure property and holds investments in technology companies.

He is considered one of the world’s leading High Performance Coaches for Entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives.

He also acts as a consulting advisor to corporations and Governments on entrepreneurialism and innovation.

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He has delivered programmes for many large corporations in addition to being a formal Advisor to the Minster of Economy of the Slovak Republic during their recent European Union Presidency, has advised government agencies in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and the UK. As an entrepreneur he Co-founded an entertainment and leisure property empire which owned the international Intellectual property rights to produce the household name brand of Dirty Dancing on stage. He developed, owned or operated many of the worlds leading entertainment and leisure properties (arenas, convention centres and theatres). Some of these assets have been sold and he is currently building a new leisure property company, which he founded in 2016, based in Europe.

The author of The Business of Creativity and Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders, he is also the Co-Host of Nothing Ventured on Australia’s Your Money Network and Foxtel Channel 601.

Michael acts as a Non-Executive Director to Boards, has delivered lectures at London Metropolitan University, University of Westminster and Central Middlesex University London and is a Judge of the esteemed Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Business coaching and mentoring

Michael is one of the world’s leading Coaches for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and CEO’s.

He coaches ambitious people across the globe looking for an edge.

The Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial processes he imparts help entrepreneurs and executives innovate faster,excel, increase profits and better lead their teams.

Michael is a rarity – a coach who has a long business career which is ongoing.

As an author and advisor, he has also interviewed and learnt from some of the wealthiest and most successful business people on the planet.

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Drawing on his rare expertise in entrepreneurial processes and his proven results in  high performance, leadership and entrepreneurial ultra achievement, Michael uses signature processes and systems which, when combined with his own network, deliver strong results to those he chooses to work with.

The true formula for entrepreneurialism is totally  misunderstood. Michael brings it into full clarity with the people he works with which delivers powerful results.

Governments work with Michael; Government Ministers work with Michael; executives from leading corporations work with Michael; experienced Entrepreneurs work with Michael and awesome and ambitious Start-Up Founders and Entrepreneurs work with Michael.

Michael’s allocated time for mentoring and coaching is limited. He works with a number of carefully selected clients. Size is irrelevant. Ambition and a willingness to achieve self and business mastery is.

If you need to up your game, do it. If you are already the best, get better.

If you want to work with someone who has done it, click here to enquire.

Business Portfolio

Michael was Founding international Co-Owner & Co-Producer of the Dirty Dancing stage show

Michael was a Founding Shareholder, Co-Producer and marketing director of the company which bought the global rights to the Dirty Dancing brand for the purposes of transforming it into a stage show.

To this day it remains of of the most successful live entertainment properties of all time and has set records in London’s West-End and around the world and grossed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Properties Michael’s companies have developed, operated or managed:


Michael has been Chairman of two companies (one in the Asia Pacific and one in Europe) which develop, operate and manage entertainment and leisure precincts and properties.

The developments transform cities and areas within cities and stimulate culture as well as delivering significant social benefits including employment and economically elevating the small businesses in the supporting ecosystem.

The properties in the Asia Pacific of which Michael was Chairman and shareholder rank among the top of their kind in the world and are award winning.

He has several new properties under development and management in Europe.



Michael Jacobsen advises corporations, governments and their leaders on the ‘Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial “Toolkit” – the processes behind innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and how to take a leading position in these areas.

Michael and his team have successfully delivered for many corporations and Governments around the world.

Corporations and governments often speak a different ‘language’ to entrepreneurialism.

Whilst most corporations were originally built by an entrepreneur and often have almost unlimited budgets and massive teams to implement innovation, the culture necessary to facilitate innovation is often lost as the company grows bigger.

Innovation is not only the latest buzzword, it is the very bedrock on which a company needs to be built and to grow. Innovation is ongoing. Innovation must be forward looking. Innovation must be a culture that permeates the entire organisation.

Many corporates failed in their quest to innovate including: Kodak, MySpace, Yahoo, Polaroid, Toys ‘r Us and Nokia. It happens to the best. The leaders. The household names. The companies we never think will fail. We hope that none of today’s household names ever fail but there are no guarantees. The best solution is to not just have an innovation strategy but for the organisation to embody the very ethos it.

Society cannot afford for large corporations to fail. They don’t just belong to their shareholders, they are in some ways owned by all of us – they employ people, we all use their services and they are part of our everyday lives.

It is not just Start Ups at risk of failure – every large corporation is one piece of technology or one instance of lazy or ‘market-leader; thinking, away from failure or missed opportunities.

Technology and the ever changing and disrupted business landscape has put large corporates at a greater risk than ever and has democratised the search for customers solutions, enabling small start-ups to win this race time and time again.

Put in the positive, Michael believes that corporations and governments, be they non-innovators or organisations with an existing successful strategy, can achieve significantly more if they take the next step and implement some entrepreneurial spirit to super-charge their innovation.

Michael’s training programmes are tailored to the specific organisation and circumstances and address innovation and they see him work with the team (which often includes the senior leadership team) to brainstorm, devise or refine strategies or simply to understand the current innovation landscape and the ecosystem of the start-up world.

The programmes also introduce the concept (where it is appropriate), of innovation laboratories and partnering, working with or acquiring stare ups with the requisite knowledge to supercharge the organisations innovative capacity-and then works with the corporations and governments to implement these strategies.


Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders

Over 20 compelling interviews with leading Australian and international entrepreneurs and innovators

Inspiring stories from Captains of Industry on the secrets of their success

Get inside the head and the heart of leaders in business, creativity and innovation

A book for anyone wanting to uncover the DNA of success or just wanting warm, inspirational and authentic stories from household names and companies

Great reading for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established business leaders

“Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders are the bedrock of the global economy. We need more of these people in business, academia and in corporations. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about getting rich and famous. It is a much deeper pursuit. This book uncovers a rare combination of factors that lead to success, through the eyes of those who have made it.”    MICHAEL JACOBSEN

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Enterpreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders examines what makes some of the world’s leading innovators who they are.

Through the insightful one-on-one interviews in the book, Michael Jacobsen takes readers on a journey deep into their minds, which showcases a unique perspective of the rarely seen heart and soul of over 20 of the world’s leading innovators.

The book examines the psychology of prolific empire builders including billionaire Gerry Harvey; former Hoyts Cinemas boss Peter Ivany; Seafolly founder Anthony Halas; Mavericks including pop culture icons Jimmy Barnes; Lee Kernaghan; Lord Jeffrey Archer and Bonnie Lythgoe; and leading global figures in entrepreneurialism including the European Investment Bank Vice President Vazil Hudak; Venture capitalist Saul Klein; private equity figure and former partner of Richard Branson’s Virgin, Toby Coppel; and Daniel Korski – the leading government ‘architect’ of Britain’s Start-Up boom.

Jacobsen argues that mavericks have a lot in common with entrepreneurs – the attribute of creativity and it’s successful commercialisation.

Jacobsen suggests that creativity is at the core of entrepreneurialism and innovation and that entrepreneurialism by definition is the creation of a physical business emanating from a vision – the creation of something where nothing previously existed.

In a changing world, one constant is that entrepreneurs and mavericks remain at the forefront of all empires, the lifeblood of economics and the driver of growth at major corporations.

This insightful, warm and compelling book is for anyone wanting to be inspired, to learn secrets of business success and to be entertained by the stories of those who have created their own life path and left their mark on the world.


The Business of Creativity

The creative sector is worth £36bn a year to the British economy; it is big business and the opportunity is there for entrepreneurs in creative industries to start up and build businesses. But bridging the gap between creativity and commerce has traditionally been difficult – some see a conflict between artistic integrity and a profit motive, and how exactly do you take your spare room creative enterprise to the next level? It is perfectly possible to earn a living from following your creative passion and doing what you love every day – this book will show you how.

In his book ‘The Business of Creativity‘, Michael Jacobsen draws on his rich experience owning and operating global entertainment businesses to impart the practical guidance that creative start ups need to get them going. His two key mantras are that each business needs a vision, mission and values, and the route to success is to observe those who have been successful in your sector and model their approach. As well as explaining exactly how to do this, he covers the business essentials that creative entrepreneurs need to consider.

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The book looks at:

  • What foundations to put in place to get your business started
  • How to set up and grow your business
  • Sources of funding and tips for organising business finances
  • What angels and other investors will look for
  • Where to find support
  • The psychology of business success

There are also a large number of case studies from successful creative businesses of all sizes and wisdom from famous businesspeople in the creative sector.

This straightforward business guide, packed with actionable advice and essential tips, will leave you in ideal shape to start planning your business from the moment you put the book down.


Michael is an accomplished and experienced speaker with a warm and engaging manner. He is a speaker who has actually ‘done it’ – not one who just theorises about doing it. His speaking presentations draw on all aspects of his entrepreneurial career.

He is commonly involved in:

  • Speeches and training workshops for corporations

  • Lecturing at Universities and Colleges

  • Keynote speeches

  • Workshops for small and large groups

His usual speaking topics revolve around:

  • The secret processes of entrepreneurialism

  • The Entrepreneur Toolkit & The Intrapreneur Toolkit

  • Leadership & Innovation

  • Creative technology trends

  • Start-up and growth businesses and business advice/life stories

  • Psychological aspects of business and challenges

  • Creative Sector business

For UK speaking engagements contact Room54 or email debbie@room54.co.uk

For Australian/Asia-Pac. Bookings contact:

Michaels advisory clients have included:
The Great British Entrepreneur Scale-Up Conference
York St John University
Polish Embassy London
Czech Embassy London
University of Westminster
London Metropolitan University
Slovak Ministry of Finance
Britain Means Business
Elite Business
Cardiff Business Week
Great British Entrepreneur Awards
Google Campus London
Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

Michael Jacobsen hosts Nothing Ventured on Sky News Australia

Nothing Ventured follows on from Michael’s successful YouTube series showcasing creators and innovators across the world.

He teamed up with financial services entrepreneur Anthony Bell as Co-host to showcase some of Australia’s most high profile business leaders.

The show focusses on the secrets of their success and in particular, their entrepreneurial attributes.

It is great viewing for anyone interested in these legends of Australian business and particularly for anyone starting or growing their own business.

Nothing Ventured let’s you learn from the best.


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