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About Michael Jacobsen

Michael Jacobsen is an Australian-born serial entertainment entrepreneur

He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from UTS in Sydney and a Financial Diploma from the Australian Securities Institute.

He is an accomplished and experienced speaker with a warm and engaging manner. Michael is a speaker who has actually ‘done it’ – not one who just theorises about doing it. His speaking presentations draw on all aspects of his entrepreneurial career.

Business & Portfolio

Michael Jacobsen is the Executive Chairman of European Leisure Management Group, an arena, convention center and stadium management company with operations in the UK and Europe. He also Chairs Global Entrepreneurs Agency, a social business delivering programs for Governments and agencies sending Start Ups to the UK. GEA has been awarded the contract to undertake trade missions for several countries and also works with Governments and key stakeholders in Central and Eastern Europe to build and grow enterprise ecosystems in those nations. These include the not-for-profit campaign Enterprise Slovakia in Slovakia-the current EU Presidency country.

Michael Co-founded and co-owned (now exited) a global multi-billion dollar entertainment empire underpinned by with the world rights to the Dirty Dancing brand and an entertainment property portfolio (operating some of Australasia’s leading entertainment arenas and facilities).

Michael also Co-Produced Dirty Dancing on Stage globally, which is the fastest selling show in London West End history and has grossed over $US1Billion. It is recognized as one of the world’s top entertainment properties of all time. He has also been involved in the promotion of numerous large-scale concert tours including those by legendary artists Elton John, Usher, Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand.

Passionate about business education and teaching, he has acted as a Mentor at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy; was a Visiting Entrepreneur for Start Up Britain has acted a mentor at Techstars London and Financial Technology Accelerator Level 39 and was a Selected Coach for the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator. He also acts as an ‘elevator’ for the Duke of Yorks Pitch@Palace programme.

Michael has acted as a Non-Executive Director and Advisor to the Boards of several companies and entities including: Australian Centre for Event Management (division of the University of Technology Sydney’s Business Faculty); Eclipse Global Entertainment and the Steering Committee of Business Charity NACUE/Create.


“Michael Jacobsen is a great entrepreneur and has made a substantial contribution to the British Creative Sector. The Business of Creativity shows his commitment to nurturing and mentoring entrepreneurs , and provides very valuable and wise counsel to those in the Creative Sector. Given the highly valuable experience and advice it combines, I thoroughly recommend it as essential reading and a must have resource.”

Eric Woollard White, board member, Peter Jones Foundation and founder, Thirty7 Productions

The Business of Creativity

The creative sector is worth £36bn a year to the British economy; it is big business and the opportunity is there for entrepreneurs in creative industries to start up and build businesses. But bridging the gap between creativity and commerce has traditionally been difficult – some see a conflict between artistic integrity and a profit motive, and how exactly do you take your spare room creative enterprise to the next level? It is perfectly possible to earn a living from following your creative passion and doing what you love every day – this book will show you how.

In his new book ‘The Business of Creativity’, Michael Jacobsen draws on his rich experience owning and operating global entertainment businesses to impart the practical guidance that creative start ups need to get them going. His two key mantras are that each business needs a vision, mission and values, and the route to success is to observe those who have been successful in your sector and model their approach. As well as explaining exactly how to do this, he covers the business essentials that creative entrepreneurs need to consider.

The book looks at:

  • What foundations to put in place to get your business started

  • How to set up and grow your business

  • Sources of funding and tips for organising business finances

  • What angels and other investors will look for

  • Where to find support

  • The psychology of business success

There are also a large number of case studies from successful creative businesses of all sizes and wisdom from famous businesspeople in the creative sector.

This straightforward business guide, packed with actionable advice and essential tips, will leave you in ideal shape to start planning your business from the moment you put the book down.

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Michael is an accomplished and experienced speaker with a warm and engaging manner. He is a speaker who has actually ‘done it’ – not one who just theorises about doing it. His speaking presentations draw on all aspects of his entrepreneurial career.

He is commonly involved in:

  • Lecturing at Universities and Colleges

  • Keynote speeches

  • Workshops for small and large groups

His usual speaking topics revolve around:

  • Start-up and growth businesses and business advice/life stories

  • Psychological aspects of business and challenges

  • Creative Sector business

For speaking engagements contact Room54 or email

The Great British Entrepreneur Scale-Up Conference
York St John University
Polish Embassy London
Czech Embassy London
University of Westminster
London Metropolitan University
Slovak Ministry of Finance
Britain Means Business
Elite Business
Cardiff Business Week
Great British Entrepreneur Awards
Google Campus London
Peter Jones Enterprise Academy


Michael Jacobsen advises large corporations on innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, leadership marketing and peak performance.

Corporations often speak a different ‘language’ to entrepreneurialism.

Whilst most corporations were originally built by an entrepreneur and often have almost unlimited budgets and massive teams to implement innovation, the culture necessary to facilitate innovation is often lost as the company grows bigger.

Innovation is not only the latest buzzword, it is the very bedrock on which a company needs to be built and to grow. Innovation is ongoing. Innovation must be forward looking. Innovation must be a culture that permeates the entire organisation.


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