“Helping Entrepreneurs Get What They Want”

Small Business Coach Associates Values, Vision, and Mission


By 2024 Small Business Coach Associates will train 10,000 self-employed, small business owners and entrepreneurs to make more income while working less and realizing business satisfaction. We will help business owners integrate principles of success in their organizations. Our clients will receive the benefit of knowing their individual strengths, gifts, and callings. We will encourage our clients to impact their communities through their businesses.

We will establish a large national team of business coaches in various business disciplines who will collaborate to provide support and services to our clients. Our network of regional coaches will assist business owners through local business coaches. Our support staff will serve our clients and coaches. We will provide ongoing training, benefits, health and fitness facilities and profit sharing to our associates. We will be known for our family-friendly approach to business.


Small Business Coach Associates exists to lead, coach, and consult self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders to achieve business growth, strong profits, cash flows, and maximum business value. We use an award-winning process to help business owners make more and work less, which allows them to support charitable causes and their local communities.

SBCA frequently serves self-employed business owners who are experiencing burnout due to cash flow problems, bad debts, missing important family events, customer dissatisfaction and loss, and problems with employees. We offer practical solutions through business coaching, group coaching, information products, training, and seminars. We provide encouragement to clients and coaches while equipping them to lead their organizations.


We practice honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We encourage our coaches and clients to involve their families in their profession, through apprenticeship and delegation.

“I will prepare, and some day my chance will come.”

Alan Melton is the Recipient of the Governor’s Sterling Award:

Organizational Performance Excellence