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Ten Ways a Business Coach Can Rocket Your Business

Ten Ways a Business Coach Can Rocket Your Business Growth

As a business owner, you surely want to see your business grow dynamically like successful ones. That kind of rapid growth is happening now in some businesses even with the uncertain economy. But maybe your business is not growing, or it has declined. Or perhaps it’s just not growing fast enough. Here are the Ten Ways a Business Coach Can Rocket Your Business Growth.

Why does rapid growth happen to some businesses but not others? No doubt some factors are out of your control. Take for example the economy or your business location. However, you have more control than you may realize. Your business should grow and you should accomplish the calling for your life!

Planning an Execution in Your Business

Certainly, business growth can happen spontaneously. But more often than not businesses grow through planning and execution. Wise owners bring in an expert to help. A good business coach will help you get clarity on your personal vision, calling and goals. Your business coach will identify and remove obstacles to your growth. Business coaches help business owners to develop a growth plan. They are experts at developing a shared vision with your team and stakeholders. A good business coach will renew and inspire you and your entire team!

Ten Ways a Coach With Rocket Your Business Growth

Planning works! A good coach is a great way to go. Here is my top ten list of how a coach can rocket your growth. The first five items relate to how an effective business coach will impact you personally:

1. You will have a clear vision of where you personally are headed.

The most important key to business growth is you, the business owner! Most business owners have big goals like “Be the biggest business in town,” or “Make a lot of money” but you need more clarity than that. Breaking out of foggy thinking can transform and grow your organization.

2. You will get renewed clarity about your personal passions and gifts.

Your passion will overflow into your prospects, customers, and employees. It is very rewarding for me to see discouraged, burned-out business owners “light up” as they see how to break out of the day-to-day monotony of doing the same thing and getting the same results.

3. You will discover “hidden” obstacles that sabotage your growth.

Once these obstacles are removed, business growth will naturally begin. A business owner of a mid-size business recently told me, “I thought I would be making more money by now. I’m about ready to quit.” Pay attention, you don’t need to leave your business to find success! A simple redesign of your job description and your processes can change everything.

4. You will possess a crystal clear vision of actions you need to take personally.

During a recent coaching session, a business owner told me that he is “always putting out fires.”  I am helping him to learn ways to stay focused on his calling and “highest and best use” as a business owner. You can too! A coach will help you develop actions to address the obstacles, reach new prospects and keep your business growing.

5. You will be renewed, inspired and energized personally.

Your energy and inspiration are the most important factors in a good business plan. If you are excited about where you are going, you will keep moving forward. If you love what you are doing, you will persevere. Persistence will lead you to reach your business goals.

Once you are personally energized, you should engage your employees and other stakeholders. This is like pouring gasoline on a fire!  Take a look at the last five ways a good business coach will rocket your growth:

6. An outside, unbiased perspective will help you to discover obstacles in business.

A business owner of a growing business told me that he liked the fact that employees are more honest with me because I am unbiased. No matter how hard you try, it is very hard to identify obstacles on your own.

7. You will have clarity on where you are taking your business.

Everyone around you will sense your passion, your clarity, and your leadership. No more nebulous thinking.

8. Your vision and enthusiasm will “rub-off” on your team.

Now everyone will have clarity about the direction of your business.  As your employees and stakeholders see and feel a new passion and resolve in you, many of them will also become excited!

9. Your employees will be pulling in the same direction as you.

Fragmented groups going in different directions will be reduced. Others will be handling tasks that drain your energy.  You will all begin moving in the same direction, and this is a powerful thing. Like a freight train, at first, you will slowly begin to build momentum. Soon your growth will accelerate!

10. The new passion in your business will overflow into your community.

You won’t need to push, cajole or lay guilt trips on your team anymore. Prospects and customers alike will be attracted to your energy and will want to join you in your efforts in telling others about your business. You will experience dynamic growth because you are fulfilling your purpose in life.


In summary, a good business coach will lay a good foundation for you to achieve your personal goals. Then he will bring clarity and unity to your business. Doing that will change your community and beyond!  A good business coach will guide you to develop a clear plan to achieve your goals. The plan will include specific achievable goals to help improve not only your business but fulfill your calling and passion to help others.

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