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Private Jet Hire In Australia: What Business Travelers Should Know

Private jet hire is fast becoming a preferred travel means among Australian businesses due to the number of benefits it comes with. It’s the perfect travel method in the business travel industry as it has been one of the reasons why many Australian businesses reach a high level of productivity and efficiency. In this article, we offer a number of important tips that all business travelers should be aware of.

Here are 2 significant benefits that private jet hire in Australia gives business travelers.

Importance of Time & Convenience for Business Travelers 

Nothing beats running a business efficiently, effectively and timely. As much as private jet charters are expensive, they enhance the productivity of business owners, employees, and high-value individuals.

It Saves Time for Business Travelers

Unlike commercial air travel which mostly comes with hassles and delays due to security checks, layovers, and other related problems, private jet charters simplify the entire process, from booking your flight to arrival at the destination airport.

This ensures business owners, employees, and high-value executives are more productive and helps them play their roles efficiently.

It Offers High-level Convenience 

hiring jet for business travelers

Private jet charters can be pretty expensive but worth it, given the luxury they offer passengers. With private jet charter companies, business travelers can access exquisite amenities such as in-flight catering services, advanced entertainment systems, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. 

Understanding The Australian Private Jet Market 

The Australian Private Aviation Association (APAA) predicts that the private jet market will get up to AU$7.2 billion dollars in valuation by 2027, and its annual growth rate will be 3.5%.

Given the calculated, trusted prediction from a credible source, it’s clear the Australian private jet market will experience new highs in the coming future. That means private jet charters have a chance to make sky-high profits as their market gradually expands.

Here are 4 factors that will influence the growth of the Australian private jet market: 

Increase in Demand for Private Jet Travel 

This will be one of the major driving forces of Australia’s private jet market. Businesses and companies in Australia are now seeing the vast upsides of using private jet charters and with such realization, they are ditching air commercial travel. 

Australia’s Booming Economy

Australia’s economy is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. This is impacting the financial conditions of Australians for the better, leading to an increase in the demand for luxurious items such as private jet charters and private jets. 

Australia’s Vast Land Mass 

Australia has a vast land mass, which means longer distances for business travelers from city to city for business meetings and engagements. This situation contributes to seeing private jet charters as the most viable option for saving travel hours. 

The In Vogue “Bleisure” Culture 

“Bleisure” is a combination of “business travel” and “leisure activities.” This is fast becoming a trend in the Australian workspace. 

The Advantages of Private Jet Hire for Business Travelers

Private jet charters may be costly, but they are equally as comfortable. 

Time-saving & Scheduling Flexibility 

Private jet charters are far more flexible in their operations than regular commercial air travel. In fact, it makes flight service a pretty straightforward process.

Private jet charters simplify the process by:

Removing The Regular Hassles of Commercial Air Travel

Private jet charter companies give you a pass on regular airport hassles such as long check-in lines, layovers, security procedures, and many other commercial air travel problems. You can even get to the airport minutes before your flight. 

Allowing You Directly Fly To Your Preferred Destinations 

With private jet charters, passengers can fly to smaller airports close to their final destinations. Ground transportation services are almost unnecessary at this point and this saves time for business travelers.  

Considering the Cost of Private Jet Charters

The cost of private jet charters largely depends on a number of factors like:

  • The travel distance
  • The number of boarded passengers
  • The aircraft’s type and size
  • The availability situation of the aircraft

Types of Private Jets Available for Hire for Business Travelers

Here are the types of jets Australian private jet charter companies have for hire. 

Very Light Jets (VLJs)

This jet type has a small engine, and charter companies mostly use it for short-duration flights.

Mid-size Jets 

Mid-size jets are bigger than light jets. They carry more passengers and are appropriate for long-duration flights. 

Mid-large Jets

Mid-large jets are way bigger than mid-size ones and can carry even more passengers. They are also good for longer-duration flights as well.

Large Jets 

These jets are the largest in most private charter companies’ airport terminals. They are mostly used for transoceanic flights. 

The Requirements & Booking Process Needed For Using Private Jet Charters

It’s pretty straightforward to book a private jet charter. You just need to:

  • Message private jet charter company to inquire about their flight services
  • Clearly explain your travel requirements to the charter operator or broker
  • Receive a specific flight price from the charter company 
  • Have a chartered operator or broker choose an appropriate aircraft that meets your travel requirements
  • Sign a contract with the private jet charter company 
  • Provide the private jet charter company with your passenger information 
  • Send in your payment 
  • Get to the airport terminal to prep for your flight 

The requirements for boarding a private jet charter include:

business travelers in motion

  • Owning a valid passport alongside any other required documents and visas
  • Giving your specific passenger info to the jet charter company such as passport numbers, and the likes
  • Showing proof of meeting every health requirement like vaccination proof, and the likes
  • Running through a brief security check, ensuring you aren’t in possession of any harmful weapon
  • Ensuring you are compliant with all laws concerning customs and immigration before leaving or returning back to Australia 
  • Paying in advance for your travel services 
  • Making sure the private jet charter company is compliant with every Australian regulation
  • Making certain the charter company you use has insurance coverage that covers all their passengers on board 
  • Being sure you go through the emergency procedures carefully

Safety & Regulations 

Want to know how safe private jet charters are? Rest easy. They are even safer than commercial air travels given the premium they charge for flight services. They use pilots with more experience and they have stricter safety regulations.

However, you should follow these simple safety rules when on a private jet flight.

  • Patronize only reputable charter companies with a safe track record 
  • Keep to the flight crew’s instructions
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times during the flight session
  • If you’re a smoker, avoid smoking throughout your entire flight session
  • Watch your alcohol consumption while flying

The Future of Private Jet Hire in Australia 

The Australian private jet market is expected to be valued at AU$7.2 billion by 2027. This growth is anticipated because the demand for private jet travel is increasing, Australia’s economy keeps booming, and many private jet charter companies are fishing for personalized air travel services. 

Final Thoughts for Business Travelers

Private jet charters are the fitting travel means for business travelers because it saves time, makes them more productive, and increases their efficiency.

Commercial air travel may be cheaper, but it won’t offer Australian businesses the luxury and efficiency they need to operate properly. 

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